Documentation for CultureMesh Android


This is the developer documentation for the Android app for CultureMesh. This app remains in development, so this documentation is geared toward developers, not end users.

This documentation and the source code for the app were created by Stanford University’s Code the Change for CultureMesh.

Getting Started

Getting the Latest Code

  1. Clone the GitHub repository to your local machine:

    $ git clone
  2. Switch to your desired branch. This will probably be either master, which holds the most recent release, or develop, which holds the current development version. For example:

    $ git checkout master

Missing Information

For security reasons, some information is missing from the code repository:

  • CultureMesh API Key: Stored in Credentials. The file must be created with the key in a public field APIKey.

  • Fabric API Key and Secret: Stored in app/ See template below for the structure:

    apiSecret=<API Secret>
    apiKey=<API Key>

    Fill in <API Secret> and <API Key> with the appropriate values.

Running the App

Open the root of the repository in Android Studio. Let Android Studio index the repository, and let Gradle install dependencies. Then run the app by clicking the play button in the upper right. You may have to disable Instant Run in order to successfully use Fabric with the API key in app/

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